For putting on your socks and / or stockings which can often be a problem – we know you will just love the Soxon!

Dressing does not need to be a hindrance to everyday living.

Soxon supports the geometry of the foot and this fabric design ever so gently contours the foot as you are pulling up and around.

Perfect for those with fragile skin; the Soxon makes light work of an otherwise tiresome task.

The super absorbent bamboo material soaks up any excess moisture our feet sometimes have and provides unique anti-bacterial properties which help to keep feet healthy.

PLEASE NOTE: Soxon does not support use with compression stockings.

Key features:

  •     Loops with long handles mean no more bending down and it is possible to hold in the hand or one handed or, alternatively on the wrist if you have limited grip.
  •     May be safely used by those recovering from knee or hip surgery.
  •     May be washed in a machine or by hand.

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