HOMECRAFT Kettle Tipper Universal 091207281



The HOMECRAFT Kettle Tipper Universal is one of the latest innovative kettle tippers designed for compatibility with virtually every kettle type and this includes standard cordless kettles and jugs. The special lever may be positioned to either side of this kettle tipper to make it possible to tip the kettle whilst holding it firmly in place. This kettle tipper means that the effort to lift a kettle is significantly reduced and also ensures there is no strain to the wrist.

Kettle will rock straight back into its’ natural upright position whenever the user lets go of it.

Base plate is 200mm in diameter and comes with a sliding stop allowing the kettle to be positioned in the best place before being secured in place with 2 strong straps.

Manufactured in an attractive plastic which is also heat resistant.
Rubber feet underneath the kettle tipper stops any sliding on work surfaces.

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