LILLE Classic Line Booster Insert Pads Maxi LCLN2151



For use with men’s / women’s Lille and Senset Pouch Pants (also available from our website)

Suits light – moderate incontinence

The Lille Classic Line Rectangular Booster Insert Pads Range provide both discreet and a cost-effective solution suiting light to
moderate incontinence problems.

Have waterproof backing and may be used with your own underwear or with men’s and women’s Lille and / or Senset Pouch Pants
Also can be used as a booster pad with all-in-ones and shaped pads. Super absorbent with new generation polymer
maximises absorbency and neutralises odours.

MAXI Pad measures:

Length 60cms (23 inches)
Width 16cms (6 inches)

Absorbency level: 1250ml

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