LILLE Suprem Form Extra Plus Pads LSFM5161


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Lille Suprem Form Range of high quality products provide an effective solution for managing moderate to severe incontinence.
All the products within the range provide high levels of absorption as the user feels dry and comfortable. The Lille Suprem Form is a durable, discrete continence pad with a non-rustle polyethylene backing.

The suprem form contains a super absorbent polymer along with hydrophobic leg barriers and with leg elastics this ensures total protection from leakage. Breathable as well as hypoallergenic in order to maximise skin integrity also has odour control. The wetness indicator will turn blue in contact with urine and indicates when the pad should be changed for maximum comfort.

These have suitable absorbency levels for during the day as well as providing total night time protection.


Pack size: 20
Absorbency: Heavy
Pad Type: Shaped


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